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Like, so seriously that growing up, it was totally normal for your math teacher to turn the TV on to watch the game and skip the day's lesson plan altogether.

If you're ever asked if you prefer light blue or dark blue, think about your answer. But there's a catch: you'd better like the right of BBQ, lest you stand to be ostracized from your entire family.

Though this is a predominantly Raleigh term, it's known across the state to refer to a dog or burger with chili, coleslaw, mustard, and onions. In fact, North Carolina qualified as one of the 10 most patriotic states based on a variety of factors including level of veteran funding, the number of people who like the United States on Facebook, and the number of people from the state who use Google to buy flags.

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Yes, the State Fair is pretty much the same year in and year out but North Carolinian can’t help but love it. Because no one can resist the House-Autry hush puppies and ice cream made out of a steam engine, of course. It's no surprise then that Pepsi got its start right here in New Bern, N. The carbonated drink was first created and served up in 1898, spawning and tidal wave of sugary sodas to follow.

So you better live up to that motto if you move here! Craft brewers are dotted all across the state, but nowhere so densely as in Asheville. Grandfather Mountain offers lush landscapes for residents and tourists but what makes it stand out is the Mile High Swinging Bridge. And Tar Heelers drive across the state to see it in all its glory.

North Carolina is believed by many to be the first state to declare independence from England in 1775. So really, instead of “To be, rather than to seem” the state motto should have been: “You’re not the boss of me”—or whatever that translates to in Latin. I'm talking No Da Brewing, Weeping Radish Farm, and Highland. This state seems to be big on heights, so if you've got a bit of thrill seeker in you, North Carolina offers plenty of outlets. Can you imagine how many pairs of underwear that thing would hold? That's why pig pickin' is a North Carolina tradition.

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