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The sites in the Rue du Colombier and the Tower of Lannes are referenced to as prehistoric sites of refuge which also refers to occupation in proto-historic times (Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age).During the Roman era (towards 400 AD), Bayonne served as a castrum (in Novempopulania) for a cohort large enough for a rampart to be built (still visible in some places) surrounding an area somewhat excessive for an Army (seven hectares), but no remains indicate that there was a city (no theatre, no ruins of villas or baths, etc.).The inhabitants of the commune are known as Angloys or Angloyes Anglet commune is part of the urban area of Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz (B. B.) located south-west of the city and part of the Basque province of Labourd.The commune is 10% covered with pine forests, including those of Pignada, Lazaretto, and Chiberta.

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The Hausquette Mill cited in 1256 in the Book of Gold of Bayonne is located on the Maharin Stream near this port.It has flights to destinations across France as well as Europe.Anglet is served by the A63 autoroute, the D810 road from Bayonne to Anglet town, and the D260 road from Bayonne to the northern part of the commune and continuing south-west towards Biarritz.A developer planned to replace it with a parking lot for a shopping area. However, what is probably one of the oldest (12th century) heritage buildings of the city remains although the house, as old as the mill, was destroyed in 1978.A fire destroyed part of the mill in 2011, creating a need for security in 2013.

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